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  Daghestan is the native land of the dance Lezginka

  Musical and dancing competition for the best performance of Lezginka named after Patimat Omarova has been held in Daghestan, the native land of Lezginka, annually since 2000. The competition took place in the capital of the republic Makhachkala. At first it was a republican, later Caucasian competition and now it is international.
  Among its participants and laureates there are many young beginners and legendary authorities on Lezginka of the last years and modern coryphee of Lezginka over the Caucasus. This year dancers and musicians from all Caucasian communities of Europe, Asia and America - participants of the fourth international competition - will gather in Turkey, in the town of Yalova (see section "The fourth competition")

  We put tolerance into practice

  As it is known, eternal values should be propagandized. Now we feel lack of positive examples and hope that our project will event a beneficial influence on the society by bringing eternal ideas of good and peace. Now people speak much about upbringing of tolerance to other peoples, about the necessity of preserving peace in the Caucasus, but our competition is a real deed, an attempt to put these ideas into practice. The conception of our competition is based on practical, but not theoretical, friendship of peoples.

   We don't make a profit on our competition

  Our competition is not commercial, but cultural event with certain creative cultural and historical tasks (see section "Aims and tasks").
  It is a principal position of the organizers. The only public performance of the participants is the final in which a lot of guests with their pieces take part. Tickets for this performance are not sold! Our friends, lovers of folk music and dance get invitation cards.

  The name of the competition

  During the presentation of the project the main organizer and the author of the project Omar Omarov was asked "Why is it named after Patimat Omarova?". He answered: "She is my mother. I have organized the competition in her memory". The explanation was quite enough. But it had its own history: Patimat Omarova from the village of Tsudakhar brought up three nieces who danced in the first legendary staff of Daghestan state ensemble "Lezginka". She taught them and her own children to love Daghestan music and dance. So the competition was organized to support this love in people.

  We are democratic

  Any performer of Lezginka not younger than 14 years old may take part in the competition. There is no upper age limit. Nationality, citizenship, place of permanent residence, height, weight and other characteristics of the participants are of no importance. The main condition is performance mastery of the participants (see section "Conditions of participation")

  We are interested in both dancers and musicians

  The competition consists of two parts: performance of the tune of Lezginka on folk musical instruments (see section "Musical competition") and performance of the dance Lezginka (see section "Dance competition"). Final competition of dancers and musicians is an exciting performance full of passion and expression. It takes place on a large scene with the presence of spectators and jury.

  What are they complete in?

  The name of the first two competitions (which were held in 2000 and 2001) included one more definition of Lezginka: "Daghestan folk Lezginka". The use of folk elements was one of the main demands to the participants. But after the competition has become international we realize that we cannot demand it from all participants. That is why our guests dance "guest Lezginka" and the hosts of the competition dance their own Daghestan Lezginka (see section "Conditions of participation").

  There are special demands only for participants from Daghestan

  The participants from Daghestan should dance Lezginka using Daghestan folk elements. And only they have to pass few select rounds with special jury before they reach the final. Other republics and countries delegate their participants. Organizers of the competition have the right to invite any other dancers and musicians whose performance mastery corresponds to the standarts of the competition to take part in it.

  We try to be objective

  The members of the jury are professional choreographers from all countries-participants (one member from each country), Representatives from states and republics who take part in the competition may delegate choreographers from other countries (or refuse representation in the jury). The main condition is that professionalism of the members of the jury must be beyond doubt. The chairman of the jury and the main organizer of the competition, Omar Omarov, of his own free will refused to vote and provides technical security of the work of the jury.

  We are interested not only in soloists but in pairs and ensembles

  They take part in the main competition. The dancer who performs original, technically perfect piece with elements of Lezginka in choreography and/or music is to take part in a gala performance.

  We are independent

  The peculiarity of the project is that organization and financial security are performed on the initiative and with direct participation of one family - the Omarovs. The main principle of preparation for the competition is that all organizing problems are settles by organizing committee. And it gives up opportunity to realize our plans and provides the high level of organization of the competition. It is participation of the author of the project in its realization that makes possible warm creative atmosphere, atmosphere of friendship and mutual trust.

  but we are open to contact and cooperation

  We ask for nothing, but we don't refuse support. We have declared and declare that we are ready to cooperate with state and private organizations, institutions of culture. However ministries and departments of Daghestan republic refuse to support our competition though there is no doubt that it is one of the brightest event in cultural life of our republic and the whole Caucasus.

  Lezginka is going to travel all over the world

  It is paradox, not Daghestan but Turkish authorities took an official interest in supporting our competition. The budget of Turkish town of Yalova has included carrying out the fourth competition for the vest performance of Lezginka. Since this year the competition will take place in different cities and countries introducing history and culture of Caucasian people to public and propagandizing open and peaceful character of Caucasian people.

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